Edgar Sawtree

The charmingest half orc ever.


Edgar Sawtree
Half Orc. Bard 7. Ranger 6. Neutral Good.

Weapons: Fortune’s Grace, 3 Shortsword (Outsider’s Bane, Lion’s Charge 3x a day)
Defense: +11
Equipment: Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Fortune’s Grace, +3 Shortsword, Adamantine Chain Shirt, Ring of Protection +4, Ring of Fire Resistance, Wand of Daylight, Cloak and Boots of Elvenkind, Everful Mug, 2 Eternal Rations, Small Bag of Holding.


Edgar served as a courrier in the Brelish military in the final months of the Last War. He gained a hunger for reading and storytelling, eventually becoming a journalist for the Sharn Inquisitive. He has met many strange and unusual people in his travels, making a great many friends and enemies. He has chronicled his exploits for the past few years, chronicling them in ‘Copper Dreadfuls.’
By a strange twist of fate he has become a Karnathi Noble, having helped with the destruction of several enemies of that nation’s government. He has joined the Red Watchers, a group dedicated to the extermination of malefic undead. With him in this endeavor are the sisters Sonia and Katya. Sonia is an experienced ranger and the two have been lovers for some time.
Recently he has embarked on a mission sparked by the Draconic Prophecies. These ancient prophecies predict another cataclysm to come and Edgar is doing all he can to make sure that disaster is averted. He and his stalwart companions now travel the globe, following the dictates of this ancient text.

Edgar also has an irrational fear of owlbears, which were wild tales told to him as a child in the Brelish military. Even though he could probably bitch slap such a beast to death now, he is still mortally terrified of them.

Edgar Sawtree

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