The Prophecy of the Nine

From within her emerald prison, the Clawed One stirs.
And the world trembles.

With the release of the Devourer of the Deep, the seals weaken and crumble.
And for the first time in an Age, Khyber’s most dread Daughter begins to wake.

Nine they are who guarantee her release or eternal banishment.
It is the Children of Eberron who must decide – Khyber or Siberys.

Nine they are who ride forth,
The Craftsman, delving at the edge of the Dark.
The Storyteller, living in his own tales.
The Heir, shadowed scion of a disgraced house.
The Eye Unblinking, vigilant guardian and warrior resolute.
The Wild Sisters, who seek to drive Death from the land.
The Priest, faith overcoming his tainted blood.
The Mystic, wandering seeker of knowledge long lost.
The Soldier, an ancient soul in a new-forged body.
Nine they are who ride forth, and the world trembles.

In the fallen city they find Fate,
where the Warden is himself a Prisoner –
the Child of Siberys corrupted by the whispers of Khyber.

In ruins ancient they find Prophecy,
where once mighty titans learned at the knees of the Dragons-
their lost children know not what they guard.

In the frozen keep they find Doom,
where the daughter of Death spins her webs of deceit -
Never realizing the manipulator is herself a pawn.

In the birthplace of Man they find Hope,
where alien nightmares battle beneath a shroud of war -
at the heart of the storm lies a forgotten and caged deity.

In the Towers Topless they find Fortune,
where the Children of Eberron seek to touch Siberys -
Far beneath, an ancient evil stirs.

In the Trackless Reaches they find Nemesis,
where all the world is ashadow,
and Winter’s Children usher in the Everdark.

In the Gorgon’s Lair they find Chance,
Where the Makers now dwell in ruin -
trapped forever between one world and the next.

In the Obsidian City they find Inevitability,
where song gave birth to Flame -
Ancient fiends scheme among the bones of their lords.

In the Land of the Dead they find Eternity,
where the Children of Exile make their home -
The Forgotten House stirs anew.

Now Armed with Destiny, the Nine make their choice.
And the world trembles.

-Excerpts from the Draconic Prophecy, as translated by Taldus Aldur Torranil d'Sivis

What Lies Beneath

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