The Star of Chance

The Star of Chance is one of the Destiny Arms, recently discovered beneath the Cannith forgehold of Whitehearth. It is now in the possession of Thomas Thorn.

The Prophecy of The Star of Chance

In the Gorgon’s Lair,
amidst shattered promise,
the nine seek the Star of Chance.

Through the dead-grey mists they venture,
into a land locked forever in the shroud of death.

The Nine are not alone in their search –
The Created, the Blood, servants of Dust and of Madness;
all scour the land, in search of wonders lost.

If the Nine would wield the Star of Chance,
first must they overcome twisted children of war
and the warped minds that destroyed a nation.

The Star of Chance

What Lies Beneath Shyft