Prophecy's Forge

Prophecy’s Forge is one of the Destiny Arms. An ancient smith’s hammer, worked with draconic glyphs, it was found in the ancient giant capital of Kadur-El, the Heart of the Sundering. It is now wielded by Thane d’Cannith.

Known abilities:

+4 Thundering Warhammer of Outsider Bane and Construct Bane.

The Prophecy of Prophecy’s Forge

Within the vast jungles
of the Continent of Secrets
the Nine seek Prophecy’s Forge.

Through Scorpion and Flame their path will take them.
Through Blood and Shadow must they do battle.
Through ruins ancient must they pass,
where shattered remnents cling to reminders of past glory.

The howls of the Damned shall set them on their way
the fury of the Brother shall urge them on,
and the calls of the Imprisoned shall lead them to the Halls of Making.

In the Halls of Making lies a lone survivor,
one who knows the Way to Kadur-El.

And it is there, at the Heart of the Sundering,
that the Nine shall find Prophecy’s Forge.

Prophecy's Forge

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