Eternity's Reach

Eternity’s Reach is one of the Destiny Arms. It was recently found on Aerenal, in the ruins of the ancestral home of House Vol. It is now in the possession of Gildor Galathil.

The Prophecy of Eternity’s Reach

In the Land of the Dead,
in a House long shattered,
the Nine find Eternity’s Reach.

Where Undead and Undying wage eternal war,
amidst the ruins of the Dragon’s Folly,
the hope and damnation of a nation lies.

In a land where blood is all,
one shall come to learn truth.
And in the learning, shatter worlds.

The First shall know the Last,
and guide him to the home of the Thirteenth.
There it is that his birthright shall be reclaimed.

Current known capabilities:

Composite Longbow +6, Outsider bane, holy, seeking, channeling, confers a +2 Destiny bonus to Dex. This bow automatically adjusts its pull to match the strength of the wielder, and therefore has a Mighty rating equal to the wielder’s strength. +2d6 sneak attack.

Eternity's Reach

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