What Lies Beneath

V3C8: Deathbringer
In which the Nine meet with the giant Deathbringer and bargain for his aid
V3C7: The Continent of Secrets
In which the Nine learn of a powerful giant and do battle with Gerard's minions
V3C6: Changing of the Guard
In which the Nine do battle with Gerard, a terrible tragedy is revealed, and the journey to Xen'Drik is undertaken
V3C5: The Next Fork
In which the Nine, with the first of the Destiny Arms in hand, determine their next course of action
V3C4: Madness and Despair
In which the Nine journey to the depths of Khyber's Gate and there do battle with fiends from Xoriat
V3C3: The Dispossessed
In which a barroom brawl turns deadly, and the Nine encounter their first guide
V3C2: The City of Towers
In which the Nine journey to the city of Sharn and begin their quest.
V3C1: A Gathering of Heroes
In which the Nine assemble and learn of the Draconic Prophecy
The Story So Far
An accounting of Volumes I and II

Volume I – A Rising Darkness

Volume II – At the Behest of Fiends


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