What Lies Beneath

V3C14 - At Deathbringer's Door

In which the Nine make good on their promise to the drow and do battle with the Deathbringer.


Our grup rested up in Kador-El beneath a view of ancient skies. In the morning we ate breakfast, buffed up, then launched through the portal right to Deathbringer! The elder death giant seemed amused as we came bounding through the crackling ring of energy. I of course, in typical smart-ass fashion yelled “We got what you want Deathbringer, but you got to kill us to get it!” The fight was FAST. Deathbringer had been a scourge of the drow and a terror to the world, but The Nine from Khorvaire were “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” The malevolent and fearsome foe lasted about a round and a half in combat. Gildor, the one eyed elf, managed to critically nail Deathbringer after he had been tenderized by Saris and killed him. Deathbringer exploded into a poof of dust, releasing his trapped souls. The remaining giants fled. They re-grouped to come back for some vengeance, but Edgar had a little chat with them. He convinced them that doing so would be a mistake, because look at what they just did to their boss. They turned and headed northward to take out the Emerald Claw base on the coast then, as suggested by the wiley half orc bard. Afterwards the group returned to the Drow village and all became honorary members of the tribe. Of course everyone had a scorpion motif burned into their flesh with acidic venom (oh joy, Edgar was the only one to break down and cry because he is really a wuss at heart). Then there was much celebration and merrymaking (and doinking and vomiting). It was decided then to go to the Emerald Claw camp that the giants were going to and make sure that they and their Raksasha handlers were all chopped up into cat food.

V3C14 - At Deathbringer's Door

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